The Clifton Community Association is in a central location of the Clifton Estate Nottingham. We offer the use of clean and friendly facilities for various forms of activity including boxing, dance, martial arts, social group activities, private parties and more. Included in the Centre is a Social club run by volunteer’s offering all forms of activities throughout the week.


Geoff Williamson, Chair Mark Berry, from 26/09/17
Alf Preece, Treasurer Louise Williamson, from 26/09/17
Carole Moseley, Secretary Davey Graham, from 21/11/17
Paul Hart Lisa Perkins, from 20/03/18
Pete Wright R Moseley, from 20/03/18
Sue Wright, from 19/04/16

The office is managed by volunteers and staffed 9am – 10am Monday to Friday.

Clifton Community Association is a charity (numberĀ 508753). We are funded through a combination of donations and grants.